Review: Disciplining the Maid

Disciplining the Maid
Disciplining the Maid by Zoe Blake

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Ms. Black is the current go to author for delicious Victorian Ageplay. In this latest story, Lily is a slender petite maid looking for a job. She's been accosted in her previous employment. As an orphan, she possesses no safety net to fall back on when times are rough. Fortunately for her, she's hired on by Lord Stockton.

Lord Stockton is a man who will never marry. He doesn't want a vapid wife driving him to drink. Besides, his particular taste in women treated as young children or babies is not something aristocrat women will stomach easily. When Lord Stockton sees Lily, courtesy of his knowing housekeeper, he believes he's found his next mistress.

The ageplay in this story is fabulous. Lily is treated like a young child. She's also babied and taught some naught sexual acts to please her new daddy. For a young woman who's never experienced a loving and supported childhood, she doesn't know how to take it all in. It's heaven to be taken care of instead of having to work from dawn to dust cleaning after others. She does still have to take orders even if they are a bit different than being a maid.

Ms. Black's ageplay scenes are spanky worthy hot. The passages are best bookmarked for frequent re-reads and personal "alone time" enjoyment. Between the diapers, bottles, spankings and forced sexual contact, it may cause an ageplay lover to swoon in delight. Or they may expire from an episode of sexual frenzy caused by certain humiliations suffered by little Lily. Ms. Black does go into detail of how Lily will be trained. The depicts still stay on the other side of the line from graphic masturbation fantasies. It's enough to allow the reader to supplement the arousing framework and visualize Lily's decent into childhood.

This story is more than just ageplay scene after another. There is a semblance of plot with a believable conflict which causes an unplanned separation between Lord Stockton and his lovely Lily. This separation works for an expected happily ever ending. Ms. Black is a must read author whom I recommend to all ageplay lovers.

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