Review: 'Til Dragons Do Us Part

'Til Dragons Do Us Part
'Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragon lovers, this is a series to read. The dragons in here aren't sweet human loving creatures. Instead, they are powerful beasts with no regard for humans. Whilst this book's title suggests it is focused on a wedding, it isn't. The wedding is merely a plot device to keep this book's different tangents tied together.

Savannah Cavenaugh is a rarity. An orphan, her only family is her adopted brother and his family. In a world controlled by dragons, humans are just barely surviving. One thing which humans want are the treasures the dragons "appropriated" from museums and art galleries. Savannah is especially suited for "recovering" the treasures as she possesses the strength of a small dragon. She is one of the rare shifters who are human and dragon. She doesn’t know where she comes from and didn't know there was anyone else like her until recently. With the new job to steal back a painting, it may be the biggest pay day for Savannah and her brother. The only problem is Cameron Shaw, Lord Relobu's head of security.

Unbeknownst to Cameron and Savannah, they have crossed paths before and it didn't turn out well for Cameron. As Savannah figures out a way to steal the painting, she is thrown into Cameron's company - daily. She starts to develop feelings for him no matter how she resists. Cameron is suspicious of Savannah yet he can't stop his attraction for her. When Savannah learns how she hurt Cameron in the past, she is conflicted as it seems she is about to repeat screwing him over. This time, she knows him and is falling for him. To undo this cluster she's created will be difficult. Ms. Christensen does a nice job of resolving all the conflicts in a smooth manner.

This story is amusing for those who have a quirky sense of humour. I think I enjoy it more for how the dragons interact with the humans than anything else. The dragons come across as terrifying blood thirsty monsters with a very dry sense of humour. For those who can speak dragon, they get to enjoy the byplay. In this world, I don't understand how more humans don't learn to speak dragon. It's fascinating and well, it's dragons! For a dragon lover like me, it would be thrilling.

What is sad about this series is the hatred between dragons and humans. It seems whenever there is a difference or lack of understanding, the initial response from humans is to hate and kill. Ms. Christensen touches upon this a little with the hate groups as well as the terrorist attacks. I loath to say this, but I agree with Ms. Christensen's interpretation of how the world would respond to dragons like the ones in this series.

The characters in this book are distinctive and all amusing. The one who nearly stole the show is Savannah's crazy boss. She reminds me of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Savannah is similar Anne Hathaway's character with her lack of understanding in the wedding business. Savannah's life changing events is a long time coming. It's a story of where one happy chapter ends in life only to start a new and more exciting chapter. Although moving from an art thief to a legitimate job may seem mundane to some. This paranormal romance is recommended for dragon lovers who like a bad girl turned good.

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