Review: Homecoming

Homecoming by Maggie Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read this book now! Ms. Ryan's Hunter Ridge series is fabulous. Once can only hope it doesn't stop at just two. Ms. Ryan seems to leave the story open ended enough for more kinky installments. Lord and Lady Huntington arrive almost safely to their home. Lucy, Lady Hungting's first entrance is embarrassing as she is covered in mud and dressed like a child. For those in Lucas's employment, they find her darling, except for her new governess.

When the phrase, "getting ideas above her station", it suits Lucinda perfectly. Lucinda is employed as a governess for Lucas's three sisters. Even if one of his sisters is married off, she's still forced to take classes with Lucinda. This means Lucy must also attend classes. For Lucy, this is horrid as she already received her certificates with high marks. This is just the beginning of the conflicts between Lucinda and Lucy.

The humiliation in this story is mixed for me. I enjoyed Lucy's embarrassment at the hands of Lucas. When Lucinda does it, it irritates me and I see red. Here's why. This story is supposed to be dub-con submission with everyone on board treating Lucy as a little one. Lucas loves her and he's asking a lot of a grown woman to submit to him in this way. He needs to keep his end of the bargain. He needs to make sure Lucy isn't being disrespected in the manner Lucinda mistreats her. He doesn't protect Lucy which makes me think much less of Lucas. Now, this is purposely done to create conflict which is done quite well by Ms. Ryan. It's why I ultimately still enjoyed the story.

From a plot prospective, Ms. Ryan does a great job. This is more than just a spank bank ageplay book. There are friendships building, relationship conflicts and personal growth on both Lucas's and Lucy's sides. What I would have liked was a different name for the governess. Lucinda and Lucy are way too close. Even Lucy and Lucas are a bit close and just odd. Still, it didn't detract from the overall story.

The ageplay in here is more about being treated like a little girl. It's more about the psychological mindset and corporal punishment than the erotic debauchery. There is more caning and spankings than there are sexual depravities. I would prefer a bit more sexual deviance to make Lucy blush, moan and groan. For me to rate an ageplay book to be five stars, it will take more graphic sexual interludes as well as more guilty pleasurable humiliation experienced by the little one. I do enjoy how these books have female authorities in them. While the females do exert the power to punish, they don't involve any sexual contact or violation. Perhaps Ms. Ryan will up the sexual perversions in the next book in this series. This kink Victorian book is recommended to ageplay lovers who also like having a nanny.

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