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Lost Howl
Lost Howl by Zenina Masters

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The Romance Review
A shifter raised by humans can be a liability.

Amira is a wolf raised by humans and will marry a human if her body would just cooperate. Left to die when her parents were killed in front of her, Amira holds no love for shifters. The humans who found, adopted and loved her are the only family she needs. When a milestone birthday arrives, a shifter representation finds her and attempts to bring her back into the shifter fold. Amira is not going to go so easily. A life spent in hiding makes it hard for Amira to adjust to the openness of shifters.

Ms. Masters does a lovely job in setting up the conflict. Amira's parents are not blameless yet their star-crossed lover situation generates sympathy. It's a nice twist in how the actions of the lovers on the run are rationalized. Is it something I could condone? Not exactly, yet I can't say I'd be against why and how Amira's parents came together. This blurring of lines is what makes me enjoy a story.

Another reason why this novella is more moving for me is because of a tragic event in Amira's childhood. It makes her a stronger person. It also makes her a person the reader stands behind. Her straightforward banter when she finds her mate is priceless. It's a good thing her mate is a goat shifter, because he can be just as stubborn as Amira. While Amira grew up with just her adoptive mother and sister, Lorr is surrounded by a large family. This is a good thing since Lorr's family is strong enough to help protect Amira as her mother's family doesn't agree with her choice in mate.

Ms. Masters writes a compact story. Each one in this series is a variation of an enchanting theme. I've thoroughly enjoyed every variation and wonder where this will all end. This concept of creating stories loosely aligned based upon one location is inspired and keeps a reader coming back for more. It's also Ms. Masters' writing voice that appeals to a reader. My favourite line in the story is when Lorr professes his love to Amira.

"He [Lorr] turned and gave her a hard and fast kiss. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

She grinned. "Yes, but it was during a blow job this morning." (pg. 40)

This paranormal romance is recommended for readers looking for a sweet escapist read.

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