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Monkey Wrench
Monkey Wrench by Tymber Dalton

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Never mess with a woman who is used to being the caretaker of the family.

Stacia is burned with supporting both her older brother and her aunt. Her aunt is physically ill and her older brother just seems to never be fully there. In this pandemic stricken world, Stacia does the best she can as a mechanic in a factory. This job comes with its own issues. In a male-dominated union environment, sexual harassment is prevalent. Stacia only takes so much before she blows. When she does, it's notable.

"You're done, asshole," she [Stacia] shouted. "Hear me? Next time, I'll catch you alone and cut 'em off. You fuck with me, you are fucking with a special kind of crazy that they don't even write about in textbooks." (pg. 12)

Ms. Dalton sets the tone of this book immediately with a strong female who will not take shit from anyone. The story's plot moves along further as Reverend Silo's plans are exposed. This is why I like this series. It's not the ménage, even if it is appetizing. It's not the strong female leads, which make me want to read the book. It's the villain who is a worthy adversary. He's a megalomaniac with insidiously devious plans to undermine the government. His control of his wife is an example of just how he would dominate the country given a chance. His unapologetic selfishness and rationalizations are unbelievable yet still plausible given today's society. I must confess, when he beats his wife and sexually violates her, it's more interesting than when Quack, Lima and Stacia get it on.

The way the characters are developed in this story catches a reader's attention. Stacia's frustration with her brother and her futile attempts to save him are easy for a reader to understand. The slight twist at the end is not a path expected yet still ends in the same destination. Except this final destination is a bit more melancholy, which perfectly sets up Stacia's decision to pair up with Quack and Lima.

What I admire most about Ms. Dalton's plot device is the simplicity and effectiveness of it. This "mission" which Stacia's brother falls for is something that can easily translate into reality. It does remind me a bit of the DC Comic's League of Assassin's directive. In order to bring a better world, take out the trash by wiping out the derelict. It is something powerful corrupted men seem to have in common across countries and time.

This latest book in the Drunk Monkey series is recommended to ménage lovers who enjoy conspiracy theories.

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