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Otherworld Nights
Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

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Fans of the Otherworld Series will appreciate and enjoy this collection. For those who don't enjoy searching through anthologies to find an author's work, Ms. Armstrong makes it easy with three collections. In this collection, there are eight short stories featuring the different characters in the Otherworld. For those who have never read this series, this is a great place to start.

In Demonology, Ms. Armstrong teases a reader with an ending unfinished. It kicks off with Adam's mother trying to figure out what is wrong with her son. Why does Adam run so hot? Why are teachers accusing him of burning things? This is a lovely start with a devoted mother who loves her son, no matter what he is.

In Stalked, it's a funny glimpse into Clay and Elena's relationship now that they are together. Clay's funny side comes out as well as Elena's ruthlessness. It just shows how far they have come when they can be this way with each other and be fine in their skin. A fan of Clay, this story is a romantic one. Clay is a lover, not a fighter.

The rest of the stories are great snapshots in time of the much beloved characters. The vampire one breaks my heart a little. When a person fears losing love, sometimes they commit the most irrational acts. Cass's tossing away her lover and only to find his undying love for her moved me.

Ms. Armstrong is one of my favourite authors when it comes to paranormal. Her characters are flawed and human despite their paranormal designation. They struggle against those who would take advantage of the innocent. It a world where might equals right, her characters do their best to not abuse their power. They also do their best to prevent others in power from abusing and violating others. This is best shown in Vanishing Act. This story is a great ending to this collection. It leaves a reader wanting more. Recommended for paranormal lovers who enjoy reading about the underdog making a difference.

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