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Rich Tapestry
Rich Tapestry by Ashe Barker

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The Romance Review
Propositioned by a stranger for a spanking can be rather frightening. For Summer Jones, it's frightening because it makes her yearn for an experience she doesn't know if it is healthy for her. New-to-me author Ms. Barker pens an erotica awakening story with sensitivity. She captures awkwardness and makes it relatable.

Summer's best friend is into BDSM. Whilst her friend is pushy about being a bottom and finds her happiness in the kinky lifestyle, Summer falls into it with her eyes wide shut. She flirts with the idea and spends a night with Daniel Riche. Daniel is the stranger years ago who offered her a spanking. Daniel is an experienced dominant who finds Summer's spunky attitude amusing. He is sure she is submissive and he pushes her hard to accept his dominance.

The BDSM in this story is interesting. Does it play out this way in real life? It can. Are there dominants like Daniel enticing newbies? Yes, there are some who are like Daniel who enjoy pulling a newbie into the kinky world and then tossing them aside when they are no longer shiny and new. In a slight twist, Summer is the one who runs from Daniel, not because he is no longer of interest, but because he is overwhelming. The part actually made me applaud for Summer. While she could have done it in a better manner, it demonstrates her self-preservation instincts are intact.

I like Summer because sometimes, I wish I could be like her. Sometimes confrontation is just too much. Summer does a sidestep and leaves. She so easily escapes with just a purse and nothing else. She's able to land on her feet and continue on. Her ability to disappear is enviable. It seems to be a skill she uses quite a bit. The surprise is when she reconnects to a person in her past, she runs into Daniel again.

The BDSM in this story is well integrated into the story. The caning and spankings are just the right balance for a newbie kinkster exploring the scene. Even if Daniel grates on me with his overly assertive manner, one cannot fault his interaction with Summer. I think my issue with Daniel is he isn't seducing a shy submissive into the lifestyle. Instead, it feels as if he is pushing a vanilla's limits just to get the satisfaction he wants.

Overall, this is a good read and recommended as a gateway to BDSM book.

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