Review: Shattered Bonds

Shattered Bonds
Shattered Bonds by Lynda Aicher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This BDSM series is a hit or miss sometimes. This one felt more like a filler for the next story. Perhaps it is because Liv is too vanilla for me to enjoy. In Shattered, the Den's privacy and livelihood is torn apart. A vengeful ex-member attacks the Den owners in a manner which exposes their private life for the public to criticize. It's a lifestyler's worst nightmare. While several of the main members are recovering in the hospital, others are trying to circle the wagons to protect the Den's destruction.

Noah Bakker is the one who steps up to help keep the Den together. What he doesn't expect, is Liv Delcour becoming mixed up in this mess. It's bad enough he's been warned away by her overprotective sister, Vanessa. Vanessa is a dominatrix whose job could also be threatened by the BDSM exposure. Although, honestly, in her line of business, if people don't think she's a dominant, it would be surprising. As a side note, being known as a whip wielder may not hurt Vanessa's image.

The BDSM in this story is light as Liv's been kept out of Vanessa's kinky private life. Liv isn't that sheltered and what she learns intrigues her. It is interesting to see how the characters in this story expect Liv to be innocent and devoid of any kinky inclination. With a sister like Vanessa, why would this assumption hold true? It doesn't make sense. Liv shows that she too can bring her kinky desires to the fore front, just not in a dominant manner.

This is a sweet representation of a newbie to BDSM learning the ropes with a recalcitrant dominant. Noah is experienced and feels a bit too old, too jaded and too wicked for the angelic Liv. Liv pursuing Noah is amusing. She keeps pushing until he finally decides to show her how he takes a woman in hand. The false starts are pretty accurate. The fears of Noah help show how even a dominant isn't all knowing.

What really bugs me about this story is more the public reaction as well as family response to those who have been forcefully out-ed. It pisses me off because it isn't anyone's business. Ms. Aicher did present a plausible scenario and conflict with devastating effect. Ms. Aicher balances it well with the community coming together to defend. The BDSM is just a small tangent in this book. This story is really about friendships and in time of need, who can one really call their friend. This is what makes the story enjoyable. This erotic romance is recommended for those exploring their kinky side.

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