Review: The Sissy Sort

The Sissy Sort
The Sissy Sort by P.F. Dee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a concept I enjoyed. The forced feminization is spank bank worthy. It is a slow build up and I see it is because there are several more parts to this series. I prefer to have it all in one.

The feminization part spends more time getting into Ben's head and the aftermath of a sexual humiliation. One can only hope the next book in the series is more depraved as he guilty enjoys being fucked like a sissy boi.

Ben's transformation process is lovely for those who enjoy sissification. It's cute with the chastity belts. His nickname based on how quickly he adjusts to the motions of being a sissy is also a nice touch.

Personally, the sister in this story is extraneous for me. Unless she plays a bigger part, she's just annoying. I'd have shot her and just put the rest of us out of our misery. Her entire character annoyed me. The story would have been more enjoyable without her. I did like the upper girls in the all girl school. They are petty and just how I remember high school popular girls - drama lamas.

This book is recommended for those who enjoy sissification at a YA level.

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