Review: Welcome to Serpent's Kiss

Welcome to Serpent's Kiss
Welcome to Serpent's Kiss by Sherri Hayes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A 3.5 star book, Ms. Hayes shows her growing experience with BDSM. For those who enjoy books revolving around exclusive BDSM clubs, this is a start to a good new series. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a medium level of kink with a woman in the lead.

Katrina Mayer is the owner of Serpent's Kiss. She's a caring business old yet a cold dominant. This story is a taste of what is to come and I'm hooked. The BDSM in this story is more than Ms. Hayes previous popular series. It also promises to have more female dominants which is fabulous. There aren't many good femdom books where the domme is loving and strict. If this first teaser is an example to how the next books will be, then femdom lovers are in for a treat.

I rated it a 3.5 star because I couldn't connect with the characters. To be fair, this is a short story so Ms. Hayes did not give me enough time to warm up to Katrina. The story leaves me with a disappointed impression of her which I know is going to be used as plot device to make me revise my opinion. I look forward to Katrina's book. First, readers will be meeting a couple as Katrina exercises her matchmaking skills.

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