Review: Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For
Worth Waiting For by Kim Dare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sweet new series from talented Ms. Dare. I love Ms. Dare stories because the romance in them make me feel so good. If I am a bit down, I can depend upon Ms. Dare's books to bring up me.

Ms. Dare's super power is writing characters with chemistry. In this one, the chemistry is off the charts. Colby and Noah are an unlikely pair. Their experiences in life are completely opposite. For Colby, being gay is no different than being straight. It's irrelevant because he is more than just a poster boy for an athletic gay guy. For Noah, being gay only brings him heartache and pain.

Colby is the eternal optimist. He sees the best in people. He's the guy who helps his friends all be a better person. I can't help but admire Colby and wish I was as good a person as he. I feel more like Noah, jaded, pessimistic and snarky. These two characters are so well designed, they are easily remembered.

The heart of this story is about love conquers all. Love also heals those who have been hurt. Colby's faith, loyalty, devotion and perseverance is unbelievable. His maturity is incredible. One could say, he is completely fictional and yet I've met a person like this in real life. And it is perhaps why I love Colby so much. He reminds me of a friend whose maturity and understanding just surpasses my ability to mimic or understand. If there were more Colby type people in the world, the world would be a better place. This romance is highly recommended to those who like characters that inspire for each of us to be a little kinder and more understanding.

*This book was given as a gift by the author. A review was not requested but shyly suggested. I finally wrote it, six months late. My lateness did not influence my rating as I rated it as soon as I finished the book.

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