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Batty for You
Batty for You by Zenina Masters

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The Romance Review

Another winner by Ms. Masters will bring a smile to your face. In BATTY FOR YOU, Bets is a throwback in her family. In a family of bats with excellent echolocation, as a fruit bat, Bets is better with her sense of smell. Her shifted form is a rather large "flying fox". This is fortunate as the man who is interested in her is a fox shifter. Weller's chance encounter with Bets at a bar has him scurrying after her to Crossroads.

As a lover of bats and foxes, this sweet romance between Bets and Weller is adorable. Ms. Masters creates a warm, fuzzy feeling as Bets and Weller's relationship blooms into fruition. The traits of a fruit bat are wonderfully incorporated into Bets' behavior--down to her ability to detect rotten fruit. Her sonic blast used as a tool of protection is worked in just the right way. Ms. Masters weaves a tale of human and animal blend masterfully.

The romance in this story is fast as expected. With Crossroad as the focus for this series, a reader knows there is going to be a meeting of "animal sides". It is also expected to have a quick falling in love pace with a happily ever after ending. BATTY FOR YOU stays consistent with this theme.

This reader reads this series more to see how Ms. Masters cleverly brings forth a new animal shifter rather than the sweet loving. So far, Ms. Masters has hit from the mundane to the exotic and mythical. One wonders if she will be able to create one with a platypus and wombat. This latest paranormal romance is recommended for shifter lovers who enjoy all sorts of animals.

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