Review: Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream
Beaches and Cream by Kojo Black

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A 3.5 star book, this is not one to be missed for F/f lovers. Beaches and cream is a coming of age story for Amanda. Amanda finally takes up on the offer to spend the summer vacation with her best friend Tia. This is a trip Amanda's been turning down for years because her mother isn't fond of either Tia or her mother, Veronica. Finally growing up and ready to make her own decisions, Amanda's experience is an eye opening one.

This summer vacation is one which makes me yearn. Why? Because it sounds like a dream. Amanda is initiated into the arts of Sapphic delights. When past lovers are revealed, it throws Amanda into a loop. It does not stop her from the tempting seducer who brings Amanda to climax after climax.

The sex in this story is hawt. The F/f sex is sensual and uninhibited. The entire vibe of this book is of smexy free love. Between the relaxing beach scenes and the smoking sex at the private pool, it is panty wetting reading material. Warning, do not read this book on a plane or in public. Unintentional moaning may occur as Amanda goes down on her first female lover. A little "alone time" is recommended whilst reading this book.

Mr. Black is a new to me author who does remind me a bit of Ms. Selena Kitt's earlier books. I thoroughly enjoyed this short sweet tale. Hopefully there will be more as Amanda seems to be blossoming in her sexuality.

* This book was provided to me as a gift to read.

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