Review: Bound for Keeps

Bound for Keeps
Bound for Keeps by S.E. Jakes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This series is highly addictive for me. It's more than just the BDSM which S.E. Jakes is good at writing. It's the characters which pull me in. The men are always so damaged and Ms. Jakes writes damaged men so very well. Men with PTSD and men who have had to hide themselves. This is a 3.5 star book for me just due to the hawtness between the three men.

Shane, Reed and Keith each have their own past burden. When Shane comes out of no where and falls on Reed and Keith's doorstep, frozen and hurt, it is a sign. There are a few "contrived" signs in this story which frankly, I enjoyed. What I enjoyed most is the dynamic between each of the characters. The erotic power exchange in this story is exquisitely written for those who love giving up power. The struggles these three men go through to become a threesome is wonderful to watch.

The "burn" on Shane is infuriating and it is good he is found by Reed and Keith. With Prophet showing up again, it is a loose tie in with the other books in this series. Can this book be read as a standalone? Yes. Will it make sense? Yes. One tends to get more out of it if the first four books are read.

This book keeps a nice steady pace in suspense. The jobs Reed and Keith do help show their caring characters better. They men are similar in some ways because of their military background, yet different in the ways that count. From a personality perspective, it is easy to distinguish between them. Surprisingly, the BDSM dynamic is very easy to determine who is who. What could catch readers off guard is who enjoys submitting and why. The submission scenes are a bit reluctant with the sub protesting too much yet definitely wanting to be taken in hand. This alpha mode dominance dance between the three men is mouthwatering. Pop the popcorn, sit back and don't take your eyes off of them. Naked built men sweating as they wrestle for who is top dog is a sight to behold. S.E. Jakes does a superb job in describing every sexy detail.

This romantic suspense is recommended for menage lovers who have a thing for military men.

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