Review: Crawl for Me

Crawl for Me
Crawl for Me by Daisy Philips

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Be careful of what is said out loud at the office. Lida Lawrence learns this all too well when her boss, Dave, overhears her crush on him. Her kinky offhand comment to crawl naked for him is too much for Dave to pass up. Before Lida knows it, she is put in a position to put up or shut up. What does Lida do? She barks.

Yes, this a bit of puppy play! Lida is sexily taken in hand by Dave. Dave's sexy abuse of power at work seduces Lida into rolling over and spreading her legs like an obedient dog. For those who enjoy boss to subordinate mischief, this is a quick and light read. There is just enough boss behaving badly to stoke the fires and wet the panties.

Ms. Philips does it again with her smexy tale. She takes a fetish which is a bit on the taboo side and makes it sexy fun. Whilst there is a bit of humiliation incorporated in this story, it is very light. It arouses the reader and may even encourage them to seek out more puppy play books. This erotic coupling is recommend for kinky readers who enjoy mischievous puppy play.

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