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Essential Master
Essential Master by Dakota Trace

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Threesome with a male dominant, a female switch and a male submissive is a kinky menage lover's delight. The second book in the Doms of Napa Valley series, Essential Master, is another winner by talented Ms. Trace. In this book, the author tackles the several heavy topics in a gentle yet strong manner. Zebadiah is a submissive from head to toe. He loves to serve and he enjoys bringing pleasure to his dominant. As a bisexual and male submissive, it's a double whammy in some ways. Even though the lifestyle is supposed to be accepting of all sorts, "your kink may not be my kink but it's all good", Zebadiah learns otherwise. This is the same experience Nicholaus encounters at his usual stomping grounds. Both he and his submissive, Stephanie are no longer welcome due to Nicholaus' bisexual nature.

This is something I never understood. Why does anyone care about who is having sex with whom. This is a personal choice and for others to weigh in on a personal matter is just illogical and frustrating. Then again, I'm a bisexual switch so perhaps I'm bias. When Nicholaus and Stephanie find New Beginnings, they are happy to find their own safe haven. To find a third in their relationship would put them over the moon. When Zebadiah catches their eye, it looks too good be true.

This is a story which covers the distressing topics of abused male submissives and power hungry dommes who think they are above the law. Why anyone thinks a male submissive versus a female one deserves what they get is beyond my comprehension. Ms. Trace balances this negative view of those who abuse power with those who build trust and gain power through willing submission. Nicholaus and Stephanie are a power couple whose idea of sexual submission will make most submissives drool. Too bad they are only looking for males, not females.

This story is very well written to show the forward and backward movement due to a trigger. Ms. Trace humanizes all three characters. The emotions come off the page and move a reader. The sorrow, fear, yearning and hope expressed by each of this potential triad is engaging and pulls a reader into the story deeper.

Since this is a Ms. Trace book, needless to say, the DSM is spot on. It's so good and her scenes come across authentic and close to what I've witnessed or experienced in real life. The club, New Beginnings, may be a fictional place, but it is a place with some similarities to the DSM club I belong. This makes the story more real for me and relatable. This book is highly recommended to menage lovers who enjoy the kinkier side of life.

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