Review: Gestapo Girl

Gestapo Girl
Gestapo Girl by Lindsey Brooks

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Why did I wait so bloody long to read this book? Definitely a book to add to the spank bank. I must have cum four or five times whilst reading this naughty book. Mr. Brooks does a lovely job going back and forth between two different times. From the start, switching between the Nazi prison and the Allie's military installation is a nice compare and contrast. For those who are able to catch on, the big reveal near the end of the book is not a surprise. Mr. Brooks does a great job of setting it up and bring it all together.

From a world building and writing perspective, Mr. Brooks always does a great job. What he really excels in is the dastardly sex scenes. SMOKING HAWT is how they should be described. He doesn't back off and white wash the interrogation. He doesn't fade to back. Instead, he gives depraved details of rape, violation and abuse. His characters are fabulous as they perpetrate sexual tortures. Mr. Brooks' skill is to turn all these painful squick worthy scenes into a spank bank masturbatory fantasy. Mr. Brooks' magic in bringing dark secret female fantasies and displaying them in black and white is a rare skill.

There are so many scenes in this book which are noteworthy. Rather than give spoilers, I'll just mention some sex tortures I enjoyed - piercing, forced f/f and electrical play. The pseudo medical procedures are also delicious. Each scene builds upon the previous one until it explodes. The non-con sex in here is not gratuitous - it's just right. The twist in the story and ending are fitting and done quite lovely. This erotically dark tale is highly recommended to those who enjoy a bit of dark twisted sexual fantasies.

*I received this book as a gift. No review was requested. I gave one anyway.

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