Review: In Arrears

In Arrears
In Arrears by Morgan Hawke

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Where is the rest of this story? GAH! Yes, I've penned a note off to talented Ms. Hawke to find out if there will be a sequel to this tasty tidbit. 3.5 star for me because it was too short and the ending left it hanging.

From a world building, there isn't much. From a non-con with acupuncture involved as well as an OIL enema, woot! Really, the sex in here is hawt and arousing. Spank bank material for sure. If only the five days were more in detail and Roth suffered a bit more under the mysterious Fox. There were hints here and there but never enough to satisfy me. And really, Roth got off way too easy. How much in debt was he? And only about 10 sexual assignments as a whore to pay back what he owed? If they only charged 2K, that would mean he only earned 20K payment. I think he owes more. Plus there's the cost associated with making this happen.

I did like the clever title. It makes me laugh. If only more happened to Roth's rear. Fisting, spanking, sexual toys would have all been a nice touch. Still, a little tease from Ms. Hawke is better than nothing. A reader can only hope for her to write more deviant and non-con stories. Her sex scenes are always hawt and her characters are engaging. Recommended for those looking for a bit of non-con turning into dub-con.

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