Review: Into His Keeping

Into His Keeping
Into His Keeping by Gail Faulkner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Expecting a baby mama and an uber jock dominant getting it on? This is not the book for you. One should know that Ms. Faulkner wouldn't write something as dismal or cliche. Into His Keeping is a sweet love lost romance reunited with some kinky D/s hawtness. I have to admit, the domination scenes in this story near the end are panty wetting goodness which is why this is a 3.5 star book.

Holden is a very sexy man. He's a man who's had one goal in his life. His sole purpose is to find the first woman he loved and win her back. When Jill finds him again, the explanation of his disappearance is almost unbelievable. As a plot device, it works. One of the other threads for this plot, specifically the criminal element did not make this story better. It was okay.

From a character perspective, Holden is the kind of fantasy romantic alpha dominant women dream about. He's rich. He's sensitive. He is commanding and he's super hot. What is really attractive about him is his possessive nature. He's possessive and protective which is what pulls women in and makes many of them swoon. He's not creepy overly possessive which helps. He isn't w/o flaws which is a good call on Ms. Faulkner's part.

Jill is usual damsel in distress who has not one, but two men wanting to sweep her off her feet. She's fragile and sweet. She may have a strong core in that she figured out how to survive all alone and pregnant, but overall she's forgettable to the reader.

The BDSM scenes were well done and erotically smoking hawt. I could have done with a couple more panty wetting scenes. As it was, it did get the juices flowing and the vibrating humming. Recommended for kinky readers who love happily ever afters.

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