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Lovely Wild by Megan Hart

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Integrating into society is a learned behaviour. This is never more apparent than seeing through the eyes of Mari Calder. Mari is a protagonist who moves me. Her thought patterns and actions make so much sense to me. It's at a base instinctual human level which so many people deny and cover up. It's frustrating because when I think of how Mari responds, this is the kind of person I want to be friends with because there are no lies or falsehoods. It's more than the innocence which draws me. It's the honesty and her appreciation of the simple things in life which makes Mari admirable.

For those who don't understand Mari, they label her as wild or trash. This is abhorant especially as her past is revealed. Ms. Hart always does a lovely job of creating tales which expose the ugly side of humans. She excels this time with the horrors Mari lives through and the truths about her orgins. It is sad and as Mari's daughter screams at Mari's husband - "Mari's story better not end up as a Flowers in the Attic tale". This is about all the spoiler needed.

Lovely Wild is well crafted with nary an erotic scene. There is love in this story, but not as one would expect for a romance. There is the love and devotion of a mother to her child. The love and loyalty of a child to their mother. There is forbidden love of a man and woman. And sadly there is love lost between a husband and wife. This is not a happy tale nor is it a happily ever after. It's a story of heartbreak, unapproved liasons and betrayal. It's a captivating tale of a woman who finally faces her past and finally puts the ghosts to rest. This story reminds us of our human flaws and how cruel humans can be. Yet despite all this adversity, the strong will still overcome and become even stronger. I loved Mari from the beginning to the end of this story. Recommended for realists who love women dancing to their own music.

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