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Razor Wire
Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Corrective rape is an abhorrent concept yet apparently live and well. In Razor Wire, Ms. Gallagher takes a dark look into the military. Are all military like this no? I would argue that this situation is prevalent in male dominated industries where a woman is not welcome. Kim Lockhoff is the sexy navy officer whose wanted to be in the Navy since she was a kid. Unfortunately her good looks make her prey to men who want to fuck her. In this world, most of the men either want to fuck or kill the woman. That's their mentality and it's sickening.

Ms. Gallagher shows the world of the "old boys" club and how they terrorize females and believe they are above the law. What's worse, even the women turn on each other in this book. The characters here exhibit some of the worst flaws in humanity. It's a sad look on how a woman who doesn't put out is called a bitch and one who does flirt will be called a slut. To make it worse, when a woman finds other women attractive, males in this world believe the women need to go through "corrective rape" so that they are no longer lesbians. Ms. Gallagher pulls no punches as she vilifies essentially every male in this story.

This is an interesting look at what women go through and why some women don't report rape. Sexual harassment is alive and well in this day and age. Whilst readers could argue this is just a story and exaggerated into something impalpable to normal human beings, I wonder if that is really true. This story may be a bit extreme in some senses, but it does contain a kernel of truth. This is what makes the story feel real and more distressing. Ms. Gallagher does a nice job of showing character growth. She also does a good job in the conflict. What is surprising is how this story ends up because it really looked like a no win situation.

The F/f piece to this story is really why I read it. It's difficult to find good f/f tales. Usually it's just porn mind candy. This one is a well written story where two women find they have common experiences and bond over it. Hope is not lost. This story is recommended to f/f readers looking for strength and loyalty among women.

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