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Saved By Perseus
Saved By Perseus by Ela Stein

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All the necessary components of a Greek myth are evident in SAVED BY PERSEUS. There are gods, sea monsters and incestuous desires. In this naughty reinterpretation, Andromeda is the virgin princess desired by her revolting uncle. Betrayal at every turn is leading to Andromeda's sacrifice to a sea monster.

Honestly, in this story, I had hoped for some dark, depraved tentacle sex or violations in every orifice of this virginal female. This story has none of that, so if that is what you are looking for, this story is not for you. Instead, this is a story where the white knight swoops in to save the day. Perseus spies upon the doomed princess and fights for her. For a Greek-themed story, there is a surprisingly little amount of ultra-violence, bloodshed, sexual violation and tragedy.

This tale is short and sweet. There are the typical challenges to the death as well as a familial treachery. The world building is light. The character building is minimal. It's an easy story to follow, especially for Greek mythology lovers like me. This is a story I categorize as mind candy. It's sweet and devoured quickly. Will a reader remember this story after they read it? Maybe. It's a bit forgettable because there isn't enough naughty erotica. It feels as if the author was going to try for more taboo scenes only to be pulled back and edited to a more vanilla version. There is nothing wrong with this, it just makes a little less of an impact.

Overall, it is an enjoyable read. Recommended for romance readers who love heroes saving princesses with a happily ever after.

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