Review: Under My Thumb

Under My Thumb
Under My Thumb by Fidelis Blue

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Humiliation dubious-con lovers will find this book thoroughly enjoyable. Elizabeth and Matt are a couple exploring their kinky side. Whilst Elizabeth is well trained in submission, Matt is just learning about D/s and what makes Elizabeth wet with arousal. Matt's indoctrination into the lifestyle is fast and furious with Elizabeth initially taking the lead. As Matt's taste for domination and pleasure in Elizabeth's humiliation grows, Elizabeth may have created an insatiable sexual deviant. Elizabeth's mistake with her wandering ways will be strictly corrected as Matt receives help from a more experienced dominant.

Author Blue Fidelis creates a sizzling erotic tale with increasing sexual exploration. For female submissive readers, this is spank bank worthy material. Those whose panties become wet with humiliation scenes, this book provides several such naughty scenes. When Matt decides to up the stakes by taking Elizabeth back for a bit of re-education by her previous dominant, this is when the fun really begins. Between pet play, forced f/f and competition between two submissives, there is a good amount of sexual heat generated. The forced orgasms, on demand anal and oral sex are all graphically written to paint a vivid picture. Elizabeth forced to witness Matt taking another in front of her is delicious just as Elizabeth's demotion to the lowest rank within the four sexual partners is delectable.

This story could be more cruel, sadistic and degrading. Instead, author Fidelis balances the sexual tension just on the edge before it goes into non-con. This is well done. The story itself is uncomplicated with easy conflicts to resolve. It is more a story of sexual growth and debauchery with just enough character building and a touch of worldbuilding. The ending makes a reader wish for more because it promises for more punishment and pain for badly behaving Elizabeth. Seeing what Matt will become is a tantalizing thought. Under My Thumb is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy witnessing a female submissive put in her place.

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