Review: Barrel of Monkeys

Barrel of Monkeys
Barrel of Monkeys by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

With the world still heading straight for the apocalypse, people are still barreling into love. In Book 5 of this series, Ms. Dalton keeps the erotic ménage going with Gia Quick, Omega and Echo.

Gia Quick is in LA, California manning the station. She's keeping the peace best she can. When a riot turns ugly and her team goes in to squash it, she never expected to pull in two sexy military men. Omega and Echo are in the wrong place at the right time. Wrong because it cost them a team member; right because they find the woman they can share.

I'll be honest, the pairs of men in this series are totally interchangeable. I can't remember any of them very well. None of them are that distinguishing for me. The women on the other hand are more memorable. Ms. Dalton does a nice job of creating yet another strong woman who is going to do her best to keep the world together. Gia Quick may be a softie, but in these times, she hardened her heart and gets the job done. This is admirable because she makes the tough calls and stands by it.

The plot in this story does continue to move forward and this is what is keeping me riveted to the series. I want to know how this all turns out. Secondary characters are starting to have more air time and it seems that the sick fake Reverend may not have everything as under control as he believed. It is the beginning of his downfall. It will be exciting to see just how bad it turns out.

From an erotic ménage perspective, it's enjoyable. While it is sex with three people, it's still too tame for me. For those who enjoy ménage with two men working a woman to orgasm coma, Ms. Dalton delivers. Here's a glimpse into the pleasure Gia suffers between four roaming hands, two hard cocks and two lapping tongues.

"You ever been spit-roasted?"

She had to swallow again and shook her head instead of trying to answer. Her nipples pebbled in the cool air as he dropped the towel. He reached up and cupped her breasts, playing with her nipples, his deep brown flesh in stark contrast to her pale skin.

"How would you like to come with his cock down your throat and mine sliding up that sweet pussy of yours?"

She nodded. (pg. 128, loc. 1949-1953)

When it comes to an enjoyable smexy read, Ms. Dalton is a go to author. With the series half completed at this point, readers will still be interested and waiting to see the end game. Recommended for ménage readers who enjoy threesomes with authority.

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