Review: Bound to Break

Bound to Break
Bound to Break by S.E. Jakes

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Finally after teases of Josh in previous books, the answers are here. The latest book in this series had me sniffling and in need of some tissue paper close by. Amnesiac Lucky knew one day someone at the bar would be see him and recognize him. For four years, he had been recovering in a buffered zone of no memory or past baggage. He took one day at time enjoying his simple life and "adopted" family in South Africa. Now with a stranger claiming to know him and his adopted family's prodigal son returning, it's hell in a hand basket.

Ms. Jakes writes some heart-wrenching stories about military men. She just pulls out my heart, slices it up, rub salt into each gaping wound and then returns it to me with a smirk. Seriously, how does a reader not feel for Lucky aka Josh? First of all, I'm a hypocrite. I seriously have no problems with this label. Second, it is because of my sometimes judgmental ways. For an American military who serves his country to protect and defend to be tortured in this horrendous manner, I'm livid. I'm a hypocrite because I have no problems with American Military torturing terrorist in Gitmo. Honestly, the whole brouhaha about rectal re-hydration in the news just made me roll my eyes. In the kink world, we call it enema-play... and it's a hard fetish to find willing partners. (To give the enemas, not receive them!) My rationalize in why this is okay is because it's not taking a knife and ripping a man's body to shreds so that he is scarred for life. I could go on, but I digress.

The erotic part to this story is light and good. There is just a bit of rough kinky sex to make it good for me. I'm so far from vanilla now that unless there's a bit of biting and dominance play, it's hard for me to be aroused. Kudos to Ms. Sakes for slipping it in hard and fast.

The hard relationship complications Ms. Jakes tackles in this story has been brewing for a bit now. With Rex finding Josh after four years yet moving on with Sawyer is a very rough time. Josh and Dash's relationship is also fraught with tension and subterfuge. Still, there is always hope which is what makes this story good and not too heavy to bear. I love this series and highly recommend it to m/m lovers who enjoy romantic suspense with a twist of rough sex.

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