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Broken Open
Broken Open by Lauren Dane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second chances at love is not for everyone. For someone who loved their husband deeply, Tuesday is longing for the closeness of her lost beloved. It is years, but for her, it seems like just yesterday her best friend and lover left her to a world coloured in shades of gray. When a chance meeting with Ezra Hurley results in a kiss, Tuesday's world cracks open just a little bit to let in some colour. Ezra is no saint. He's alienated family and friends in the past and he's still paying for his sins.

Normally, I don't mention this in a review, but lately I've been asked for more recommendations on interracial romances. This would qualify as Tuesday is a beautiful black Amazonian woman. Did she really come across as a woman of colour? This I'm not sure I can exactly confirm. For those who love bad boy rockstar, Ezra will satisfy this need.

Tuesday and Ezra coming together is a slow dance. They both have hurts and pains holding them back from exploring their desires and deepening their relationship. When it comes to creating loveable characters, Ms. Dane excels. Tuesday is a woman who I'd love to have as a best friend. She's loyal and kind. She's straightforward and funny. Ezra is a sweetheart who wrestles with guilt. The two of them together create smexy sparks. They also bring forth healing for each other. This is what makes Ms. Dane so good. She shows time and time again how people can move on and heal from wounds that are painful and feel as if they could kill a person. The way both emotional and physical damage is given a chance to heal within a circle of friends and family is Ms. Dane's secret seductive writing skill. Love it.

The erotic content to this book is quite vanilla. For me, it didn't do much but for those who enjoy sweet smexy loving, Ms. Dane knows how to set a scene and keep it smoldering. It is nice to see the sex as the catalyst to bring the two lovers together yet it doesn't overwhelm the story. This is a plot driven book extenuated with good sex. Recommended for romance lovers who love when a redeemed rockstar finds the one who makes his soul sing.

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