Review: Charlie's Night

Charlie's Night
Charlie's Night by Ty Marton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Spank bank material - get your vibrator ready! Charlie is a twink celebrating his 18th birthday at a leathermen bar. Eager to play with the big boys, this is a night not to be forgotten. What is unique about this book is the choose your own adventure style (circa 1980s).

The reader picks what happens to Charlie. Does he go with Reno, Peck or try to pick up someone else at the bar? I went through every permutation. I thought Reno was going to be the darkest one and I was wrong in some senses. One of the ways Charlie ends up with Reno ends with some hawt humiliation and fisting! Fist that tight ass and bust his asshole open! That's what I want to read. I want to read about Charlie screaming for mercy and getting his ass ripped apart in furious pounding.

From a character perspective, Charlie is a cocky little shit. I could care less about him which is why I want him to really get in over his head. I can usually rely on Mr. Marton to give his characters a hard time. In this one, it's almost there to the edge of no return only to pull back with a smirk and a tease.

One of the options leads Charlie into piercing and sexual slavery. Just when it starts to get good, the adventure ends. BOO! Mr. Marton is a cock-tease. I want more. I want it all. I want Charlie to BAWL! This m/m kinky adventure is recommended for those who like it dark and twisted.

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