Review: Dr. David's Hospital: An Age Play Medical Fantasy

Dr. David's Hospital: An Age Play Medical Fantasy
Dr. David's Hospital: An Age Play Medical Fantasy by Jennie May

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Medical ageplay is sweet and fun with Ms. May. Ms. May is one of the first ageplay authors I could find in my early explorations. Her medical ones with a doctor's office is catered for those who likes Medical play.

Dr. David's hospital is in a remote location, ideally situated for Littles general medical needs. Ms. May delights the readers with enemas, shots, spankings and punishing anal corrections. From a character development, it's a bit sketchy. David is a curmudgeonly old man. His informal and peppy nurse may grate on him a bit, but she's good with the Littles and their parent.

It would be nice to have some fresh material with medical play. Ms. May's stories are predictable and the world building is light. It could be because the expectation is to have read most of her previous books to piece the world together. My recommendation is for the medical ones to be tied together in a series with better character development and more medical play scenes. If the books could be focused on different characters and then have them interconnected, it would be enrich this ageplay world.

Most of these books are also light on the sex. This is fine if this is the intention. For some ageplay readers, it may leave them unsatisfied. Overall it is a quick read and geared towards ageplay readers who prefer the young children aspect without any erotic sex to it.

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