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Flying Fur (Shifting Crossroads, #22)Flying Fur by Zenina Masters

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Sugar gliders are seriously cute animals who can fly from one tree to another.  A sugar glider shifter who also works as a covert agent with the Shifter Council to find "collected" shifters, it's a great mix of animal shape and skill sets.  Misty is one of the hunters who can get into fae homes and seek out trapped shifters.  Her family is "indentured" into service for a criminal mistake generations old.  This one piece of the story didn't make much sense to me, but it worked for the story line.

This book is another one which takes a darker look into the fae who like to keep shifters trapped as animals.  Ms. Masters writes only happily ever sweet romances so this book wouldn't go too dark.  But seriously, if someone wanted to write a dark book on what happens to these enslaved shifters, it would be smoking hawt.  It would be of course non-con and probably a lot of depraved sexual torture going on, but it would be scrumptious guilty pleasure.  However, this is not to be so instead, the reader learns how sneaky Misty can be to help save those imprisoned. 

Misty's latest mission is completely successful and she rescues a male cougar.  What she doesn't know is that this is her future mate.  Samuel is a very successful business man who's been missing for months.  When he's returned to the real world, it's a bit surreal.  This story moved pretty fast from rescue to mating to uncovering the culprit behind his capture.  One could say it felt rushed but really, it is just the right speed.  This is an action packed story which reveals more about the desperation of the fae.  It helps to set up the next couple of books. 

Ms. Masters once again blends magic, shifters and romance into a thoroughly enjoyable read. These books are smooth and silky from start to finish.  It's a satisfying reading.  This paranormal romance is recommended for those who love their happily ever afters.

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