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Hot For His Hostage
Hot For His Hostage by Angel Payne

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The Romance Review

One night stands are supposed to be a lusty hot night of burning up the sheets. When morning comes, the parties separate and only remember the passion, nothing else. For Zoe Chestain, the mother hen of the Vegas dancers, experiencing a one night stand is not something she does. So when she does fall into bed with the sexy stranger Shay Bommer at the airport bar, it is a night to remember.

The sex in this story is good, but the BDSM is a bit strange. I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it's because the BDSM is romanticized, which is why it feels a little off for me. This works just fine in a kinky erotica romance. The scenes are not what I'd consider a guide for newbies to try out. They would be disappointed. Since this isn't a BDSM 101, I don't expect the author to be exactly on point.

The characters in this story are a hoot. Zoe's friends, specifically her bestie the gay model, are unreal. What is also unreal is how this series suddenly falls into a X-files type plot. As a standalone story, this story works. It falls into the para-human category. It's an over the top secret agent suspense with a back history of mother stolen. The missing mother plot reminds me of the American TV series Chuck. This series does have a similar wacky tone to it. HOT FOR HIS HOSTAGE is the one which seems to have jumped the shark, almost literally.

Ms. Payne may have packed too much into this story. There are many different plots going on at the same time as she forcefully ties it all together. This makes the story come across a bit clunky and slapstick comedy. The conflicts in this story are fine even if they do feel a bit contrived. Ms. Payne does a good job generating the obstacles for our hero to hurdle over. The way every issue is resolved may be a bit eye rolling. Perhaps it is a tongue-in-cheek poking fun of secret agent films.

Overall, this brings all the threads mostly to a close through friends in high places. There is a happily ever after in a whirlwind romance where the misjudged hero is redeemed. Recommended for romantic suspense lovers who are fans of Fifty Shades of Gray.

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