Review: The Little Guide to getting tied up

The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions)The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up by Evie Vane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a quick read and enjoyable.  It's enjoyable because it feels as if it Ms. Vane is sitting next to the reader helping them explore the world of rope bondage.  For those who don't have readily access to classes or mentors in rope play, this is the book for you.  I'm impressed with the little nuggets of information Ms. Vane packages up in easy to understand pieces.  Most of this book is a repeat of information for me since I've attended several classes and experienced both suspension and standing bondage.  I learned quickly that bondage is not for me.  It doesn't do anything for me.  I wish I had a book like this when I first started learning about ropes. This is an excellent one from a rope bottom's perspective.

In addition to good insights, Ms. Vane also brings in her experience from things gone wrong.  She also advises how to help quicker healing for those who don't want to have bruises marks interfere with their vanilla life.

Shay Tiziano, who co-created and is a registered nurse, offers this advice on bruising: Consider applying ice to minimize the bruises or help with the pain. Be careful not to over-ice, which can cause skin damage; gentle cooling for 20 minutes every couple hours should be sufficient. And be aware that NSAIDs can increase bruising. (pg. 39, loc. 584-586)

This book is helpful because it gives a first person account as well as references for additional self-learning.  Many of the points brought up are ones new rope bunnies have but don't where to ask.  Ms. Vane's writing style is welcoming, educational and not lecturing.  This keeps the book moving in a smooth and organic manner.  It's not that the chapters hop around topic to topic.  Instead, each chapter flows naturally into the next.

I did look around to see if there were any other books from the perspective of a rope bottom.  There are not.  Most are teaching the rope top how to tie knots.  With the perspective of a rope bottom, the reader also learns some good etiquette when working out a scene.  This is helpful to those without a mentor.  Her good suggestions for physical flexibility and fitness are also helpful.  Because not everyone is the same in flexibility but it doesn't mean that bondage is out of the question for those of us who are a bit more stiff.  I wish this book was written earlier so I could have read it during my rope exploration phase.  Recommended to kinky folks who want to learn more about rope bondage.  This is also good for Rope Tops to see what concerns and questions rope bottoms may have. 

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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