Review: Seeing Spots

Seeing Spots
Seeing Spots by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The fae want in on the Crossroads? How will this work? The Crossroads is a safe haven dedicated to shifter finding their mates. In this one, whilst the romance is between a cute cheetah and a sexy tiger, I'm more interested in the proceeding going on with the Shifter Council. How will the fae be given a chance to find a mate?

Ms. Masters changes into a new and exciting direction. Whilst there are plenty of animals she has not used yet, the basic story line does see the same. With the threat from the fae and how they are going to be integrated with the shifter world, it will inject excitement into this series.

The world building is just so good here. It's nice to see an opening left for more than just fae entering into this society. I've always been intrigued with djinn Teebie. To see more of her family show up as well as her people will be exciting too. What it really comes down to, is Ms. Masters weaves a wonderful tale of romance and magic. This is why I'm reading every book in this series and enjoying every single one of them. Each one is a variation of a good theme. Love it! This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy shifters, fae and magic all intermingling.

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