Review: Snow Time For Love

Snow Time For Love
Snow Time For Love by Zenina Masters

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

When your own shifter animal rejects you and all of shifters species rejects you as a compatible mate, it can really kill a woman's self-esteem. Whilst everyone else in her family is happily mated with children, Nova a Siberian tigress is by herself. This is until Crossroads is opening up to fae looking for a mate. What's the worst that can go wrong? Being rejected again? Been there, done that is Nova's thought.

This story was way too short. Ms. Masters introduces the fae into series as serious contenders for mates. This one is the first book where I felt rushed. In a blink, the mating occurred. There wasn't much character development in this one which is a surprise. Plus, the animal traits which Ms. Masters so nicely brings out in her previous books are missing. It would be nice to learn more about the fae here. It would be nice to have more conflict. Although the one scene where the fae annoyed Nova was pretty awesome.

I guess what I was hoping for was to see how the two newly mated couple had to face adversity. It's mentioned in the book but never shown. It's glossed over as a foot note which is a surprise. Perhaps Ms. Masters is saving it for another book to be presented from another couple's perspective. The epilogue came just a little too quick for me. It was a nice bonus glimpse into what happens after the happily ever after, but I still felt as we jumped over too many possible scenes that could have been explored more fully. This book I was so looking forward to - it is a letdown for me. Still, I'm going to read the rest of these series because I love Ms. Masters' writing voice and this series is just so addictive. This is a 2.5 star book for me. It was a bit more than okay.

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