Review: Tower in the Woods

Tower in the Woods (Undead Fairy Tales, #1)Tower in the Woods by Tara Quan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. Ms. Quan needs to get on her laptop and start penning more in this undead fairy tale series.  Full disclosure, I read this series in the wrong order.  I try not to do this, but in this case, it happened. This story may be a bit predictable in how it would end, but it is still cute.  In fact, I do recommend reading the second book first because it has better world building.

In this first one, Nel is a sniper in a tower which has no exit or entry.  She's been isolated all alone working for WITCH.  This post apocalyptic world is dysfunctional to say the least.  Nel is betrayed by the people who raised her.  This is not a surprise.  What is a surprise is her chance meeting of a human male.  In her upbringing, males are evil incarnate.  The woes of the world rest on male shoulders.  Dane Prince is an agent for a civilization which closed off their walls to all outsiders.  It's the movers and shakers with military, political and money background.  Dane's job is to find out why WITCH is stealing their female children and to bring WITCH down.  He did not expect to find Nel and despoil her.

Yes, despoiling a virgin in a tower with long hair is a fairy tale retold in my book.  The romance in this story is sweet.  The sex is spiced vanilla.  Nel is the character I liked and Dane is just an add on.  Dane didn't impress me.  The story did wrap up too quickly and I wished to learn more.  This story is recommended to those who enjoy fairy tales retold.

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