Review: Wait For Me

Wait For Me
Wait For Me by B.J. Grinder

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Human trafficking, rape, forced cock sucking, double penetration spells a dark book and delves into the BDSM fantasy genre. This is fantasy not in the sense of science fiction, but more what BDSM lifestylers avoid and BDSM dark readers use for "alone time". Susannah is a young idealistic twenty five year old, just out of the FBI academy. She's attracted to her neighbor Jasper. She wants to tie him up and have her wicked way with him. Too bad he is only 18 years old. Even if he is legally old enough to date, she feels like a dirty old woman.

This book is a nice long novel. Be forewarned, the reader does need to suspend disbelief. First, a fresh recruit on a human trafficking case is probably not going to happen in real life. This isn't Covert Affairs on cable station USA. Second, just how many rich people are there in this world? And why are they so young? Third, not only is Jasper young, rich and a genius but he's a nice submissive male? Yes, readers, this is a fantasy. These minor items aside, the writing is well done. The book's pace is just right with some lulls and some high. The world building is fine, it's the plot, the BDSM and the characters which make the story.

From a BDSM perspective, this is smoking hawt which is why it is 5 Stings. This book is interesting because it takes both BDSM fantasy and BDSM real life and blends it so well. This is not to say the lines are blurred. There is a clear division between what is not acceptable and what is acceptable. Authors Grinder and McKinney do a good job of distinguishing between the two. What I'm not sure if they meant to do, was make both BDSM styles erotic. Hear me out.
�The BDSM fantasy part which is the non-consensual sex slave breaking is a depraved delicious dark side. Jasper is kidnapped and forced from a young hetero male into physically responding to males fucking his ass two at a time or skull fucking his throat. He eagerly sucks male dicks and whimpers beautifully as he's fisted. For those who enjoy the breaking and despoiling of a virgin ass boy, there is a decent amount of sexual fodder in the story. Even though the reader may acknowledge Victor and Nicholas as evil villains, their sadist pervert minds bring forth blazing hawt scenes. Yes, for those who enjoy the darker stories, the fact that Jasper is unwilling does make it hotter. The scenes are not too graphic, just enough to keep the story flowing. These gang bang rape scenes are not used to titillate. It's to paint an ugly picture of human trafficking. To be clear, whilst these scenes are arousing for me, in no way is this a condoning of human trafficking or what was done to the underage minors.

Now, on the flip side, the BDSM practiced by Susannah and her Scooby gang is the more realistic BDSM play. It is milder in intensity and pain. There is no edge play yet it is still erotic in a sensual manner. Whilst the kidnap fantasy is all BD and SM, the contemporary realistic scenes are heavily focused on D/s and a bit of BD. Susannah is the kind of domme which I wish was used in more femdom books. She's strong yet loving. She's doles out the rough pleasure with gentle pain, my favourite combination.

The characters in this book are great. I liked all of them. I even enjoyed the evil villains. Nicholas is a very bad man with terrible ideas and completely psychopathic. There is no redeeming quality about him. He revels in the destruction of innocence. His sexual high is when he listens to begging, screaming and crying. Fear excites him and he even appears to have no problems with incestuous plans. He is the embodiment of a sexual predator and he is not ashamed of it.

Susannah and Jasper are soul mates and their love for each other is strong and sweet. The support from the secondary characters are smooth and they never over shadowed Susannah and Jasper's relationship. The characters are well designed because they all carry their own unique voices. None of them are perfect, except for Jasper. And even then, Jasper isn't annoying in his perfection. If the authors decide to follow up or spin off another story in this world, I'd like to recommend the story of Malachi and Dante. They are both dominant men and quite attractively created. Malachi's story would be interesting based on his family and his childhood.

This story does finish off with a satisfying happily ever after. Although, if this story did end with the bad guys winning so that a second book is required to bring a happily ever after, I think I would have been overjoyed. Sometimes broken toys when rescued are more fun than a perfectly new toy. This book is highly recommended to BDSM readers who enjoy the dark and light swirled together and bound up in chains.

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