Sex Toy Saturday

I'm back trying again for Sex Toy Reviews the 1st Saturday of every month. This one is yet another Njoy 

I think I'm hooked on Njoy products.  I purchased the Pure Plug and it's fantastic.  It's perfect to wear under 
dresses with no panties.  There will be a problem of pussy leakage for females.  Do note, there are three 
different sizes - small, medium and large.

Here are my reviewing categories

1. Not Worthy - not worth purchasing or even testing.
2. Spark - it sparked my interest but never kept it.  Can't remember the last time I played with it.
3. Flame - this one will generate orgasms and it's a good toy to keep in your toy chest.
4. Blaze - this is a favourite and guaranteed to cause me orgasms.  In addition, it's one I always want on 

My rating

This is a Flame.  It helps with keeping the arousal going.  Slip this nice solid heavy butt plug in and feel it 
warm up to your body temperature.  The medium one really quite small, hardly noticeable.  It's not the 
size which is the arousing factor.  It's the weight.  It's hard to explain just how sexy it feels to have this 
tugging on your anal rim as you walk around.  For your partner, it has a convenient little handle to tug 
on for added fun. Delightful!

For those who want a larger one, check out the newer 2.0 version.

The Where

This can be purchased directly from Njoy for $65, $75 or $85 USD.  The 2.0 version is $120.  I can no 
longer find it on Amazon.  A lot of sex toys seem to be missing from Amazon in the past few months.   
There must be a crackdown going on.  There used to be other sex toy outlets selling this toy, such as 
Lover's Lane.  It is no longer on there.  Love Honey still sells them on their site.  Based on a 
documentary series of Love Honey where one of the key designers of Njoy guest stars, my guess 
is that Love Honey is an exclusive dealer for them now.  The prices are much higher on Love Honey.

The Why

The stainless steel still really feels good.  The weight in this one also feels just right.  What is nice 
about these, is that it does not go deep yet it gives the ass a sexy full and stretched feeling.  Not in 
an "I have to take a dump" way.

The Pros

The cleaning of this device is super easy.  With stainless steel, I just feel better about keeping 
it clean especially as it does go into my ass.  Unlike the silicon or latex butt toys, this one will not 
retain the odor of a dirty ass.  There is a nice little handle to toy with the device.  It's also discrete 
enough to slip in with jewelry on a carry one without have TSA pull it out and question it.

The Cons

For those who like to be deeply penetrated, this one won't work for you.  It doesn't have much 
length.   The cost of this device is much higher.  It can also do damage if not used properly.  Basically, 
don't swing it around and hit someone with it.  The metal is unyielding enough to make quite the 
bruise or knock a partner unconscious. 

The Boring Specs
Dimensions specify the maximum head width.
small – 1" (25mm)
medium – 1.25" (32mm)
large – 1.5" (38mm)


Version 2.0
2.0 - 2" (51mm)


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