Review: Adirondack Heights

Adirondack Heights
Adirondack Heights by Carole Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nosy journalist will find out more information than they should share. Kelly Anderson is working for the college newspaper and she's determined to write a real story instead of reporting the school gossip. When she catches wind that the sexiest professor is sexually abusing his female students, she's outraged and the only one willing to catch him in the act.

This story is way too short and so very hawt. Ms. Archer pens a mean sexual torture experimentation and I want in on it. Professor McAllister's experimentation on corporal punishment hits all my happy perverted buttons. Between how the punishment is carried out and in front of whom, it's all delightfully humiliated and erotically arousing. The addition of enema scenes and medical play is definitely a highlight to this story.

Ms. Archer does a great job in describing the scene and also providing the character's point of view. There are so many ways this story can be expanded, a reader can only hope Ms. Archer continues a series for this school. For example, there can easily be more on F/f  scene. Another one is the board of trustees showing up for a scene. Their presence would increase the humiliation and hawtness factor. This is just the tip of the iceberg with medical play. Ms. Archer shows all the potentials of a kinky medical play and corporal punishment author I'd keep in my spank bank. If she would write longer stories with more punishment scenes, it would be delightful. For her genre of books, character development and world building is a nice to have, but not needed. Because the focus is really on the spank-bank factor. This story will encourage a reader to spend a little "alone time" Kelly been schooled in what is acceptable to publish and what is not. Recommended for kinky readers who fantasize about their professors taking them to task.

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