Review: The Biker's Pup

The Biker's Pup
The Biker's Pup by Sean Michael

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lovers of Sean Michael will thoroughly enjoy this m/m kinky biker fest. In Biker's Pup, a frightened twink, Nick, is found by Whip. Nick's asshole lover, Dirk, is an abusive top who ignored Nick's safeword and then beat him. Lucky for Nick, he finds his biker on a Harley to save the day.

This is a cute hook up story spanning a weekend at a gay biker rally. With Bears, Leatherman and bratty bottoms abounding, it can be overwhelming. For someone like Nick who's never fit in and then left all alone, it's downright scary. Whip is a gentleman top who finds the boy toy to meet his needs. This serendipitous meeting helps both of them out.

From a character perspective, it's straightforward. All the characters fit the stereotypes people expect for gay kinky biker men. The plot is uncomplicated and a bit too easily resolved. For those who are Sean Michael fans, expect the requisite pup references as well as growling. The kinky part of this story is mild. Nothing too kinky goes on except for the initial threat which scared Nick so bad. There is a bit of cock teasing as possible sexual hook ups are suggested. For example, Trig, Whip's best friend asked if Whip would share Nick. Whip flat out replies no. Then the sneaky imagery is proposed.

“Damn it.” Trig winked right back. “I’d have to admit, if we shared him, we’d squish him.” (pg. 38, Kindle loc. 570-571)

Now I have images of two large hairy bears in leather chaps and nothing else sandwiching a hairless cute twink. Nick is in a ball gag with tears streaming down his face whilst Whip and Trig are shoving their thick cocks up his ass at the same time. Whip and Trig growling and grunting as they squish puppy dog eyes Nick between them. Mr. Michael makes a slight offhand comment and I'm falling down into the gutter. This quickie kinky m/m erotica is recommended for those who love happily ever afters for lost little boys toys.

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