Review: Don't Deny Me, Part Three

Don't Deny Me, Part Three
Don't Deny Me, Part Three by Megan Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the final act of Don't Deny me, it is questionable if Alice and Mick will get back together or even if they should. Many may feel that Alice has been wronged over and over again by Mick. My conclusions are different because Alice is illogical to me. She's emotional and doesn't see all the things Mick does for her. She doesn't realize words are cheap and it's the actions which means the most. He does all these things for her because his love language is all about taking care of the person he loves to show how devoted he is to her.

Alice just wants fancy words to proclaim his undying love for her. What is interesting is she doesn't do much to stop her game playing, tallies in her book in when he wrongs her and learning how to love and show Mick she returns his love. I believe it's clear whose side I fall on and how I'd like to smack Alice upside the head several times for her immaturity.

“It’s not … I’m not …” Alice shut up. There was no point in lying to her sister, even if she’d been lying to herself.

“I like Bill.”

“That’s okay.”

Alice shook her head. “No. I mean, yes, it’s okay to like him. He’s nice. He makes me laugh.” “But he’s no Mick.” “He also didn’t roll over my heart in an eighteen wheeler, then put it in reverse so he could back up and roll over it again,” Alice said darkly. (kindle loc. 193-198)

Dramatic much? *Warning! Angry emotional woman speak commencing…* Then she continues with how she feels when she is with Mick.

Alice paused. “I was doing okay, you know? Without him. I thought about him sometimes, sure, but then he swept back in my life and I’m on some kind of magic-cock carpet ride!” (kindle loc. 909-910)

So, she can be bribed with a hard screw and then loses all logic? One would need to be logical BEFORE losing logic…

What Alice really wants is a romantic declaration such as the below from Mick which he can never say aloud. Instead, he writes it in an unsent letter. In this case, Mick, "it's the thought that counts" doesn't cut it. Just say the damn words she wants to hear!

Let me paint my name upon your skin with my lips and teeth and hands and tongue, you won’t regret the song we sing when we both come undone. —Mick to Alice, unsent (kindle loc. 1006-1007)

Ms. Hart brings a good ending where it's not certain if Alice and Mick will last, and that's okay. The connections these two make through both mistakes and successful discussions is hopeful. This is what Ms. Hart does. She creates this hope and leaves it to the reader's imagination for a conclusion they want to see. This story is a painfully accurate portrait of how many couple's love life exists. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a bit of uncertain in their romance.

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