Review: Don't Deny Me, Part Two

Don't Deny Me, Part Two
Don't Deny Me, Part Two by Megan Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Act II in Don't Deny Me is a bit distracting. Mick's perspective is coming into play and it really seems as if he is prideful and because of it, he lost a woman. Not that he is too proud or has pride in what he does. More like he felt he wasn't in the wrong and each action he took just made it worse. Rather than talk it out, he would assume Alice understood his point of view.

Do couples really relate in this manner in real life? If so, this would explain the number of divorces. Seriously, Alice and Mick's main issues are trivial but it is really out of control because they keep behaving as if the other knows what they are thinking. When did telepathy become common usage? This story pulls me in as I see how this train wreck occurred and with their passive aggressive interactions, coming together again doesn't look good either.

Now, some could debate how I can term Alice's issue of Mick not being there trivial when she's been in a terrible accident. I do not mean to make light of Alice's accident or the aftermath. What I am disappointed in is how she decided to handle it when Mick showed up. She's quick to point what he does wrong but isn't clear in what she wants him to do instead. This is set up for failure and really why I don't like Alice much. This is not to say Mick is blameless either. He is stubborn, awkward and not mature enough to handle a relationship which requires verbal communication. This is sad.

Rather than continue to analyzes all the flaws of the characters in this book which is too easy and nonproductive, let's look at the story building. Ms. Hart does a great job of setting it up and showing how two people who supposedly love each other can be so far apart. Her character building is a strong suit even when she creates disappointing examples of human beings. What makes this story more aggravating to some is realizing how close to home it hits, especially if it is a loved one. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy the angst.

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