Review: The Grendel Affair

The Grendel Affair
The Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This is the beginning of a love affair between me and Ms. Shearin's writing. I first came upon this author when reading an anthology. She made me laugh with the office flair. Horny leprechauns only made me laugh harder. This world is fascinating and promises to bring a great reading enjoyment as it unfolds. Mac is a seer who tried to make her own away, different than the law enforcers in her family.

Despite her start as a journalist, she still ends up in law enforcement, just through the supernatural police SPI instead of the human police. Mac may be from a family full of LEOs, unfortunately she's not combat ready and will need to learn soon.

There is so much promise in this series. The world crafting is delightful. There is a rather irreverent manner towards the fae which amuses me. Mixing in historical and literature into this series is a pleasant surprise. It shows how Ms. Shearin researches, honours existing mythology and then twists it to become her own flavour. This is what I like most about her writing. I'm keeping an eye on Ms. Shearin as she's done a fabulous job of entertaining me. 3.5 stars and definitely one to keep on the TBR shelf. Looking forward to the next book in this series. Recommended to Urban Fantasy lovers looking for a more human flawed heroine who does her best and sometimes messes up.

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