Review: Knowing Her Place

Knowing Her Place
Knowing Her Place by Kay Jaybee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jess's erotic quest to return to her Mistress and lover is fraught with sexual challenges. Ms. Jaybee ends this trilogy with blazing hawt kinky scenes. Each of the tests are unique and explore different types of sexual fetishes. Ms. Jaybee's finally is explosive.

Jess is still under the mistaken belief that she needs to follow Proctor's asinine game in order to return to Fables. This is the only confusing part for me because it makes Jess seem a little slow. As in, not real quick on the uptake of what is reality and what is fantasy. The intrigue continues in this story as Lady Tia shows up as well as guest appearances from David and Mrs. Peter's past. This journey does more than reveal Jess's innate ability to please and submit. It is also a horrible exposé to David's sordid and sorry past. Each reveal is a disgusting look at man who is petty, arrogant and selfish.

The new characters in the story are fascinating and help enhance the trials Jess needs to pass. They are not as expected. Each one is different and they are unexpected in their desires and their story with how they connect to deplorable David. This does all culminate into a masquerade ball with a fitting ending. What is surprising is how gentle David is still treated by Mrs. Peters. This is the only part of the story which is disappointing. It would be a lovely ending to have David in chains and forced to serve for a bit, specifically serve a man.

The erotic components of this story is another panty wetting goodness. It's delicious how each scene requires little equipment and a devious imagination. Ms. Jaybee is creative in both the sexual interludes as well as erotic punishment. The dilemma Jess is put in for each test is almost like a predicament bondage but one of the mind. This is what makes the book an enjoyable and exciting read. The D/s in this story makes a submissive shiver in ecstasy. The conclusion is a happily ever for this Fable employee. Recommended to kinky readers who love to be teased, tormented and pleasured.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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