Review: Night Shift

Night Shift
Night Shift by Nalini Singh

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Two of the authors in this book is what pulled me in. I love reading Ms. Singh and authors Ilona Andrews.

In Ms. Singh's story, Secrets at Midnight, Bastien finds his mate. Mercy's brother is now finally going to find the one who makes his heart fill with love and create the bond he's been looking for. This story is a poignantly sad as readers learn how a sweet woman who was abandoned as a child is really not what she seems. There is always another side to the story of abandonment and this one is meant to squeeze tears out of the tenderhearted.

Ilona Andrews, Magic Steals, finally brings to readers the story of Dali and Jim. Wow, I had no idea Dali held such low self esteem. It is almost too much for me at times because I just wanted to smack her around to get her to snap out of her self pity party. What confuses me is her contradiction. She is self assured and confident in her own abilities yet she undermines and undercuts herself as a woman. It's pathetic. If it weren't for the case she's trying to solve, I think I would have skipped the story. I must admit Ilona Andrews did nail the Asian part down with the dating and boyfriend. It's pretty funny to me and I enjoyed it. I also liked the nod to Yellow Fever which I've experienced a few times in college and just bugged me.

I dated a gorgeous blond guy in college. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen. He turned out to be dumb as a board. He was attracted to me because he bought into the whole mystical sexy Asian girl thing. Combined with my turning into a white tiger, he was sold. The sex was great, but eventually we had to talk. He was disappointed I wasn’t Chinese, and I never understood why he thought I would be, because I don’t look Chinese at all. He didn’t know Indonesia was a country. He couldn’t find it on a map even after I showed it to him several times. I told him about Bali and gave him a book with pictures. One night, about two months into our relationship he was laying on the bed next to me and asked me if I would wear a kimono for him like a geisha. And then he asked if we had geishas where I was from. I realized it had to stop. (pg. 148)

THIS! This is quite frustrating at I completely understand Dali and her comments here.

The author who really made this anthology awesome is new to me Ms. Shearin. I couldn't stop laughing at her main character's observations and fumbling during her first day on the job. It's like a day from hell. Please there are a several bad boys in this series which beg for more exploration. Specifically a Goblin who owns a kinky sex club is on my list of things to read. Here are a few glimpses into this new series which I'm going to have to read.

Six hours earlier “How the hell did you lose five horny leprechauns in a strip club?” I paused just outside the conference room door and mentally filed that shouted little gem under “Questions you don’t usually hear" (pg. 177)

I’d seen werewolves before; I’d just never seen one carrying a massive .45 in a shoulder rig, and wearing fatigues and a T-shirt that read: “Don’t run, you’ll only die tired.”(pg. 193)

Or maybe he simply preferred his women with factory-original parts rather than aftermarket enhancements. -- (pg. 202)

Horny leprechauns in a strip club? The chaos which ensues is hilarious despite the gravity of losing a prince of the fae. The werewolf comment made me bust out laughing. "Don't run, you'll only die tired." Am I the only one who finds this funny? I can actually see this as a T-shirt given to Clay to wear in Ms. Armstong's Otherworld series. Lastly, I need to remember about factory-original parts versus after market enhancements when discussing women who stay natural instead of paying for a lot of cosmetic surgery. The way Ms. Shearin turns a phrase is witty and well done. I can't wait to read more of her books.

This paranormal romance/urban fantasy anthology is recommended for those who enjoy well written stories and delightful characters.

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