Review: Office Guide for the Punishment of Female Employees

Office Guide for the Punishment of Female Employees
Office Guide for the Punishment of Female Employees by Department for Female Punishment

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In which reality is there a department for female punishment at work? Because this is a reality many readers will support. This book at first glance may be humour and tongue in cheek poking fun. However, after reading through the entire book, HR harassment suits aside, it's punishments I can agree to and wish were implemented for all employees, not just females.

If the world was a better place where a person doesn't get disrespected after being punished, I would actually condone and support the punishments in this book. Most of them are humiliating and I believe it does push a point to make sure people behave appropriately. Unfortunately, since people are disrespectful more oft than not, this book would never work out. Still, it's a lovely theory.

The corporal punishment in this book is quite fair for the most part. There are a couple which I don't find appropriate. For example, where a female is either naked or scantily dressed to serve as waitresses for company functions falls, this is on the wrong side of line. This is the main one I felt is out of bounds. The others all taught either a physically painful or psychologically painful lesson.

The layout of the book is okay. It explained each punishment, the different levels and when it would be applied. Included are case studies listed after many of the punishments. The case studies is a nice touch although the writing of it is a little hokey. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's because the instruction for discipline are more formal and the case studies more informal which gives it an off feeling. My recommendation if there is a follow up book, to study the Harvard Business School case studies. The format for those would give this book a higher polish.

What I did enjoy about the book is imagining people who misbehave at my work and thinking about how they would be punished according to this book. Of course, I also fantasized how I would be punished for breaking rules. Since it is a fantasy I run through my mind occasionally, this book does feed into my sexual fantasies quite well. This pseudo non-fiction book is recommended to corporal discipline lovers.

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