Review: One Wild Night

One Wild Night
One Wild Night by Vonna Harper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fantasizing about a man taking you hard and in a primal manner? Riane Coello is a business woman used to working long hours with high stress. For once, she'd like a man to take her roughly and hold her down. When a chance meeting with a man during a jog takes her breath away, she wants more.

Ms. Harper pens a lovely bit of sexual fantasy. The switching back and forth between reality and Riane's imagined desires is a nice touch. The characters in this story are straightforward with little development. The focus is on their sexual chemistry and it is delightful. The imagery is vivid as these two strangers go wild.

There is no real conflict in this story. This is a what if story. What if one moment in time makes such an impact that it is a life changing event? Is this for the good or for the bad? It's tightly written with a smooth finish from beginning to end. The ending does leave it open for a possible follow up with Riane and her dominating new lover.

This short story an erotic teaser for those who enjoy a bit of kink with their one night stand. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy fantasies coming to life.

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