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Prince of Faith
Prince of Faith by Belinda McBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Betrayal, rape and sexual slavery all packaged in an erotic space opera is a must read. Ms. McBride fans, wait no longer, pick up this delicious third book in the Uncommon Whore Series. This long awaited book delivers in angst, alpha males and hawt manlove.

Markus Dayspring searched long and hard for his beloved cousin. After years of searching, he finds him, rescues him and instead of being rewarded, he's betrayed. Sentenced to a similar demeaning and torturous sexual slavery, Markus nearly ends his life many times over. Only one reason prevents him from succeeding and it's not the thirst for revenge. It's something much more precious.

Caius is a man riddled with guilt. His desire to make up for the wrongs of his past motivates him to find Markus and free him. There is more to his atonement than saving Markus. Caius' boyhood crush on Markus makes him push harder and take greater risks to find Markus.

Ms. McBride is an author who beats her characters so badly. She puts them through heinous experience which damages mind, body and soul. If the American military needs anyone to devise torture for terrorist, Ms. McBride's fiendish mind is capable of providing plenty of pointers. As Markus's time in captivity is revealed, a reader may wince because none of it is remotely palpable. It's all bad. Caius's time since the war started isn't that good either. The two share many similar atrocious acts committed against them. It makes a reader want to weep for them, wishing there was a way to help them heal.

Before the healing can begin, Ms. McBride is determined to take the reader on a perilous adventure. There are secrets that must come to light and she forces the darkness to be exposed in a satisfying manner. The plot of this story captures a reader's attention. How Markus and Caius figure out what happened and bring the bad guys to justice works out in a bloody satisfying way. Bringing in Helios into this story is wonderful, even if he is a secondary character who shows up to throw his royal weight around.

Although sexual abuse is littered throughout this story, Ms. McBride is able to bring about m/m sexy erotic scenes. The sexual healing between Caius and Markus is kinky smoking hawt. Ms. McBride depicts some of the hottest erotic manlove scenes. It's pleasurable from the first lick to the climatic hard thrust. The chemistry between her characters is vivid and passionate. Love it!

This space opera is highly recommended to m/m lovers who crave angst and redemption.

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