Review: Three the Hard Way

Three the Hard Way
Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two dangerous alpha men fighting over a third man is smexy hawt. In Three the Hard Way, Author duo Sydney Croft create a mouthwatering ménage. Taggart Brody and Justice McKinney have been best friends since childhood. Blood brothers who grew up in survivalist mode because of their paranoid mothers, they never thought a day would come where they would be separated.

Years later, Taggart finally escapes a terrorist organization and uses his survivalist skills to stay off the grid. When it looks like the same group will force him to return, he sends out a SOS to his onetime best friend and ex-lover, Justice. The history between these two men is difficult. As each painful event is exposed, the chasm between the two seems further and further apart. What isn't a problem, is their sexual chemistry. That is smoking hot and can melt the snow around Taggart's cabin. When another man shows up to try and save Taggart, all hell breaks loose. Ian may not mean to be an instigator; he is a catalyst which may turn this situation from red to super nova critical.

The characters in this story exude sex appeal. Both Ian and Justice are alpha males who like it rough. Their kind of sex is hawt to watch and experience. How could Taggart possibly choose between two men whom he trusted, loved and felt betrayed? When the relationship status is set to "it's complicated", this love tug-o-war definitely fits the description. The sex between the men is fabulous and panty moistening goodness. The conflict in the story is believable and adds to the tension which cranks up the sexual friction between the men. What I did like to see is how ACRO doesn't come across as always the good guy. There are a couple of decisions made by ACRO which makes this agency seem more human with its flaws instead of an omniscient organization always right. This fast paces m/m suspense is recommended for ménage lovers who enjoy rough sex between two alpha dogs and a sexy bottom.

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