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Vision in Silver
Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

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Buy this book as a pre-order. I couldn't wait any longer to post my review as I've read this book already twenty plus times since I first received it as an arc. This series just pulls me in deeper and deeper. The third book in this series, is another wonderful addition. Previously, Meg may get into trouble, but she had good reason. In this book, it's nice to see how Meg does get into trouble and its questionable if she really did it for someone else or because of her desire to cut. This book really focuses on the caring of cassandra sangue. It is not easy and there is no manual or guide. Through trial and error, The Others and Innuits learn how to help these blood prophets. It is an education not without bloody collateral damage.

Why do I love this series? Because it painfully pinpoints what I dislike about humans and wish I could change. It validates that I'm not crazy when I feel people are illogical at times. When The Others learn more about how humans respond and behave, it baffles them. The way Ms. Bishop lays it out, anyone who is sane would agree that sometimes, society rules and acceptable behaviour is horrifyingly inhumane. It's not a heavy handed lecture. It's a supposition played out in a way which makes a reader question why we allow bad behaviour to happen with little consequences. It motivates the reader to want to make a change. It is a wakeup call to say, "this is not acceptable and we won't stand for it".

Ms. Bishop's writing talent is creating a world which I want to visit. It's world I wish existed to some extent. She continues to create her world with a deft hand, lovingly showing how humans and The Others can work together. Through cooperation and listening to each other, misunderstandings can be reversed. What is particularly alluring to me is that there is a greater force which will take steps to right the wrongs in a manner which is terrifying yet undeniably just. Is it wrong that I'm rooting for The Others? Specifically, the Elders intrigue me and whilst it should be terrifying, I'm not scared because I have nothing to hide from them.

Another reason why I love this series is because it teaches lessons in a parable manner. I enjoy how actions have consequences and how it is played out in the story. People are held accountable and this satisfies my thirst for justice. This is a story which is not white washed. Justice is not a slap on the hand and some jail time. This justice howls with the wind and is bloodthirsty. Perhaps it's my upbringing, but this type of judge, jury and executioner style appeases my need to see wrongs righted. It also helps that the ones doling this out are doing so, only when forced into action. And it's not for petty revenge.

Meg and Simon's relationship continues to grow into something more than friends. The sexual confusion as well as the tension is just right. One can only hope this build up will result in a happy ending. It's not clear if it will happen because Ms. Bishop is not known for providing happy endings. In fact, her heroine and hero must suffer great lost before they can be together. And even in this instance, it's not a happily ever. It's more a happily for now. By taking realistic situations and converting into a fantasy world, Ms. Bishop shows how she'd like the world to change. Her view of how we can all be better people is lovely. The way she creates her characters, even if they are not wholly human, she takes some of the best humans have to offer and show what we can do. This is how Meg and Simon come across. They are the trailblazers who will make a difference. It's inspiring. I loved this book and can't wait for the next book in this series. It can't come soon enough. This book is highly recommended to everyone.

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