Review: Wolfen Bonds

Wolfen Bonds
Wolfen Bonds by Dakota Trace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

MMF ménage with two sexy men and a woman is smoking hawt. This is the first book I've read of Ms. Trace where it isn't BDSM. I must confess; her BDSM books are more appealing to me. It's a personal preference.

In WOLFEN BONDS, Matthias and Andrew are lovers with an axe hanging over their heads. Andrew's alpha uncle wants to keep them apart as well as keep Andrew's healing within his pack. The only way to get away from this nasty relative is to go to another one. Unfortunately, Taghte Pack doesn't want them and only wants an alpha to mate with their missing "chosen" one. Colleen Donghall is one of the missing chosen ones. When she starts connecting to her possible mates across the sea, all hell breaks loose--for her.

The world building for this book is a bit of a mix for me. It comes across as historical romance with Scottish chieftains and paranormal romance with werewolves. It's different and I liked it. The sex in here is minimal unless one counts dream sex. Not discounting the hawtness of dream sex, but I like it when there is a bit more kinky play in it. With very little BDSM, I tend to lose interest from an erotic aspect. The feel of the story is reminiscent of Tymber Dalton's Triple Trouble series, although the plot is quite different.

The characters are admirable. I like Matthias a lot. He comes across as a fair leader, one that cares for his people and will stand for justice. Andrew is a typical healer. He's loveable, gentle and always willing to help out. It's easy to see how they can win people over, even a pack notorious for shunning outsiders. The interplay between Matthias and a young wolf girl in this story stands out. Colleen is a stubborn girl with a huge chip on her shoulder. She makes assumptions and believes them to be completely factual. She needs a good spanking.

The conflict in this story comes in several fronts. All of them tie to a specific theme--expectations set upon a person. The Taghte clan's expectations of Matthias, Matthias and Andrew's expectation of Colleen, and the expectations of what happens when Colleen returns to Scotland. It's interesting how most of these issues could be resolved with open communication yet this story isn't conflicted with contrived miscommunication for added drama effect. Instead, it's the fear of what would happened if a topic was openly discussed.

The book does move at a rather slow pace. Ms. Trace is building the world and setting up the major showdown with the evil villain. Hopefully the next book in this series, which teases to be both dark and m/m, will crank up the sex and move up the speed. A little bit of sexual slavery torture would be a bonus. This paranormal romance is recommended for those who enjoy stories involve fulfilling destinies.

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