Rules to Live By Blog Hop Second Day ~ Featuring Dianne Fox

Want to know more about one of the stories in Rules to Live By, check out this snippet from What Might Have Been.

What Might Have Been by Dianne Fox
Stories change over time, for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, it’s the realization that an early draft isn’t the most effective or powerful way to tell the story, sometimes it’s the input of a good editor. Either way, these kinds of changes can mean that entire scenes or chapters don’t make it into the final version of a story.

That happened with Master Key. We went through at least half a dozen drafts before we settled on the version we submitted to Riptide, and cut several scenes in the process—and then, of course, there were more changes based on our editor’s suggestions.

Every now and then, it’s fun to think about the story that might have been. The scene below is no longer in Master Key because it didn’t fit the story we wanted to tell, blurred the focus on Navin and Marquis’s growth as they find their way to forever, together. But perhaps it fits into their future...

Deleted Scene:
"I want to beg for you," Marquis whispered, stretching out his arms. It didn't feel strange to admit something like that, not anymore.

"It makes me crazy when you're submissive for me," Navin murmured. He lashed Marquis' wrists to the posts at the head of his bed with a few quick movements. Either he knew his knots or he'd looked it up just for this. He reached back to cup Marquis' caged cock. "This is so fucking delicious I can't even think straight."

"Yours." Marquis moaned and arched again. "All of me. I don't want anything else."

Navin didn't go as slowly this time, pushing two and then three fingers into Marquis. He fucked Marquis hard that way, twisting his hand, curling his fingers down to hit him just right inside.

Every kiss, every touch, every twist and push of Navin's fingers was gasoline on the fire of Marquis's need. He pleaded with low, desperate sounds and the writhing of his body. He loved this, loved Navin so much he could hardly breathe through it.

"I like playing with what's mine." He bit Marquis' ass sharply, then kissed it. "I want to hear you come for me."

"Oh God." Marquis put his hands in his hair—or tried to. His wrists caught. That was when it sank in, finally, that he couldn't move. Navin had tied him up, just like he'd asked so long ago...and he couldn't get away. All the tension went out of him and he moaned, breath coming fast, heat racing through him. "Please."

"I like you like this. Helpless. Mine." Navin had long, clever fingers and he knew everything Marquis liked, inside and out. "I'll take care of you, I promise." His grip on Marquis' cock tightened and his thumb rode over the head again and again while his fingers worked deep inside him.

Marquis shook and cried out, writhing with Navin's touches. He couldn't move, but he couldn't hold still either. His need was too big for his body, and then it burst and he shouted as the world went white.

HERE on February 16... Master Key

Marquis and Navin have it all—they’re hot, they’re young, they’re successful, and they’re crazy about each other.

So why isn’t it working?

Marquis can’t show up on time, if he shows up at all, and Navin has stopped caring because the alternative is dumping Marquis for making him feel unimportant. They’re trapped by their insecurities, their work obligations, and their inability to actually talk to each other.

Marquis makes a last ditch effort at reconciliation by offering Navin a chance to lock him up—in a cock cage. It’s their first try at kink, but no matter how hot it makes them, they quickly learn that spice in the bedroom is no substitute for honest communication.

Master Key can also be found in the Rules to Live By BDSM anthology with other tales by Cari Z, Anna Zabo, and Heidi Belleau & Lisa Henry.

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